How to buy in Pescatiendaplus

1 »Find Articles

- The online shop fishing shows on top, blue strip search engine fishing articles from which you can search for an article from the string entered in the form. We also present at the top existing sections or categories. They clicking on the categories will appear in the middle of the different subcategories that depend on it. The categories have subcategories can be recognized by these right-aligned or end with the + sign.
- To add any items from our online fishing shop into your cart you have to press the link [buy] or icon representing a shopping cart from the window, from the list of article fishing or category listing.
- The next step will identify with your email and password if you are already a customer of nurture online store or completing the form PESCATIENDAPLUS client if it is the first time you shop in our online fishing store.
- After checking that all details are correct you must click on the button [Checkout] to conformity and close the order. Following this a screen that tells you the order number assigned to your purchase and other details thereof are displayed.

- On the page for each category or subcategory will appear Recommended products on offer selected by our online fishing store PESCATIENDAPLUS. From this page you can also access the list of all fishing articles in the current category indicated as [View more articles].

- Clicking on an item of fishing will gain access to the particular page of that product with the same details, photograph and its price in euros. In the list of some products may appear selector to determine the different characteristics or varieties (color, size, etc.) thereof. These characteristics can vary the item price fishing will be shown at the time of selection.

2 »Add fishing items to your basket

- You can always view your basket by clicking on the link [View Cart] contained in MiniCesta. While navigating the online fishing shop always MiniCesta that offers a summary of the status of your basket is shown. Once in the basket can change the units of an item, remove items of fishing and see the amount of your order. Since cart step is given for the final purchase by clicking on the link [Submit order].

- You can also add items fishing basket from your personal area "your orders" area where your details and purchase history are reflected. Each listing has a link orders prepared to include fishing articles that request in the current basket and thus save time browsing online fishing store if you have to repeat an order already made above. Of course in the basket you can make the necessary modifications to fit your new order.

3rd »Login

Once identified'll see the screen with your billing and shipping cost, amount of fishing equipment, shipping costs should be selected based on the shipping information and choose the payment method.

4th "Finish your order

See how easy it is to buy in our online fishing store PESCATIENDAPLUS.

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